Momentum programs supports IDF soldiers during the transition to civilian life.



  • “I received great tools for my civilian life.”
  • “I know now how much people appreciate and feel gratitude that I served in the IDF. I take with me a lot of hope and faith and empowerment from the facilitators who were supportive and attentive. I hope to succeed in civilian life.”
  • “Every soldier should receive Momentum. “

Israeli soldiers put their lives on the line to protect and defend Israel. They devote years of their lives taking responsibility for life-and-death decisions and as they complete their service, they face even more challenges in the transition from military to civilian life.

While serving in the IDF, soldiers know what is expected of them and that what they are doing has meaning. For three or more years, they live in a very structured framework with their days planned out for them. When they are discharged, many feel a sense of being lost and lacking direction. For lots of young Israelis, this is expressed through long trips abroad “looking for themselves”. The trend of discharged soldiers “taking off” overseas to clear their heads results in many leaving Israel for long periods of time. Upon their return, they often face even greater obstacles when starting their careers and families.  Many soldiers delay 3 years between army service and starting their education.

MOMENTUM gives Israeli soldiers a head start in civilian life. It is a two and three day interactive empowerment seminar backed up by a comprehensive website & Facebook page that provide soldiers with the information and guidance they need to begin civilian life.

MOMENTUM focuses on the challenges of transition and identifies the tremendous skills that soldiers gained during their army service. Soldiers get practical information and guidance from the professional facilitators on how to translate these skills and experience in their civilian lives. Most importantly, they come to appreciate that the army, the country and Jewish people everywhere care about their future and are intent in helping them to succeed.

Since MOMENTUM’s inception 9 years ago, more than 20,000 soldiers have participated in the IDF approved seminar. Through questionnaires before and after the seminar, and through follow-up after their discharge, participants report that MOMENTUM is very powerful in assisting them in the transition to civilian life.

MOMENTUM is proud to announce that the partnership with FIDF resulted in 7,500 soldiers received the seminar in 2016 and in 2017 the goal is 10,000 soldiers.

Today’s soldiers are tomorrow’s leaders. Let us ensure that they don’t feel lost and forgotten the minute they are no longer serving the country. Make your final salute to them before they leave the army. You can support MOMENTUM to give them a helping hand at a time when they need it most.

$150 sponsors a discharging soldier to take the Momentum Seminar

$5000 supports a Momentum Seminar

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