Connecting Soldiers to the Heart of the Jewish People:

The Jerusalem Experience 


At the heart of the Jewish people is Jerusalem, home of the prayers and yearnings of Jews for thousands of years. Surprisingly enough, close to 30% of Israeli soldiers have not visited the Western Wall or explored the Old City prior to their army service.    

Soldiers greatly benefit from a deep sense of connection to Jerusalem.  The Jerusalem Experience gives them the opportunity to know her ancient secrets and history, and connect to the most spiritual and inspiring city in the world.

Every week, scores of army units, with hundreds of soldiers, journey through thousands of years of Jewish history with Todah L’Tzahal.  Thousands of soldiers visit our “Soldier’s House” every year through tours and an exciting “Treasure Hunt” through the landmarks of the Old City. 

In a recent survey, soldiers reported on a scale of 1 - 5, they rated the program at:

  •        4.87 for being relevant to their lives
  •        4.89 for strengthening their relationship to the IDF
  •        4.76 for recommending to every soldier

Soldiers will soon be experiencing Jerusalem in our new state-of-the-art educational facility.  The new Center, the first Old City Center dedicated to soldiers, will actualize our vision to give Israeli soldiers a transformative Jerusalem experience that deepens the connection to their mission and the values that have driven our people for 3500 years.

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